Management of Greenhouse Gasses

We are carbon based life forms. As are all living things on our planet. And we all need to ingest carbon to sustain life. From that realization, could it be possible to view CO2 as a resource, and not just a problem?

What if… we could have made the exhaust from all factories in the world into food? This is actually what is going on at Finnfjord!

The Finnfjord project

More specifically: the carbon from the exhaust is being used as algea-food. Which in turn becomes fish feed (in this project), which then results in food suitable for human consumption. In this way the concept of carbon capture and utilization solves several problems at once: The climate gasses are captured rather then released to the atmosphere, the captured carbon does not have to be stored, the production of fish feed becomes a local rather then imported product. And if applied in a large scale, this technology could contribute substantially to the global production of food, in a truly sustainable way.

As an additional side effect, it has turned out that the fish being fed this algea-based food have less salmon louse then those fed with conventional food. These