Governance and organization

ARC is organized with a board, a research team and a management team.


The Board

The Board is ARCs main decision-making body. The Board consists of representatives (Deans, department heads or senior scientific staff) from the four active faculties, as well as a representative from the central university management:

  • Ensure that the intentions and plans underlying the center establishment are fulfilled.
  • Ensure excellent interaction within the center and communication with society.
  • Approve annual working plan, budget and use of strategic funding.
  • Monitor and develop the center strategy account and recruitment of center positions.

ARC Board Members:

Arne O. Smalås, Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology (Chair)
Kenneth Ruud, Prorector of research, The University Management
Sonni Olsen, Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
Kathrine Tveiterås, Dean of Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics
Bjørn Solvang, Dean of Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

The Management Team

Day to day management is done by the ARC leader who has the overall responsibility and management function for the academic and administrative activities of the centre, her under contribute to ensure long-term financing. The ARC leader is supported by the ARC project manager.

ARC management team

ARC leader: Prof. Matteo Chiesa
ARC project manager: Inger Solheim

The Research Team Leaders

The leader group plan the activities in the center, coordinate proposals and advice the ARC board. ARC has seven main categories of research, where the efforts are coordinated by the following team leaders:

Digitalization: Stian Normann Anfinsen, Hoai Phuong Ha

eSystems: Bjarte Hoff, Terje Gjengedal

Management of Greenhouse Gasses: Hans Christopher Bernstein

Materials: Annette Bayer

Power Generation: Tobias Boström, Kirsten Krause

Society and Ethics: Berit Kristoffersen,  Jennifer Clare Heyward

Transportation: Yngve Birkelund, Clara Good