ARC strategy funds


ARC strategic funds shall contribute to reach the goal of the centre by supporting projects within renewable energy and greenhouse gas management. The projects are expected to be used in future proposals on external funding. The funds can also be used for hosting events that will contribute to achieve the goals of the centre. ARC strategy funds are open to all UiT staff working at a department affiliated with ARC.

Application deadline: January  and June  2021.

For full announcement and how to apply will be announced on Tavla.

Open positions

3 Research Assistants within the pre-project, VEDA moVE the DAta to balance the grid, deadline for applications 30th September 2020. More information or contact: Assoc. Prof. Chiara Bordin

Positions that will be announced

Professor/Associate Professor, Arctic Centre for Sustainable Energy (ARC), at the Department of Engineering and Safety, at UiT The Arctic University of Norway